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Curved Hardwood Flooring

Live edge engineered wood flooring where each board is unique with a preserved natural form.
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Curved flooring by Quiet is custom-made per order to fit your specific needs and requirements within your planned space.

About Curved Flooring

Quiet - Between The Lines, a company and factory in Latvia, offers an exceptional selection of luxury engineered wood flooring that is both beautiful and practical.

One of the most unique features of curved parquet flooring is its preserved natural form. Each board is carefully selected to preserve its natural curves, knots, and other unique characteristics. This creates a truly one-of-a-kind flooring option that will add character and warmth to any space.

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Our Clients Say

"We had the curved parquet in the past, but since the house was consumed by fire we had to build it from scratch. Thank you Latvian team for providing us with your flooring! Impeccable and a very beautiful execution! Our friends comment that they have never seen anything like this and this is something truly unique. Great result!" 
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Kristian - Rustic Oak in a private home in Saaremaa, Estonia


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